The Family

The Family

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Art For Us Both

Meet Ms. Heather:
She’s been our art teacher each Monday the past five weeks for a parent/child art class. 

Drawing, painting, coloring, mashing and smashing are things the little boy loves, so when I saw this class offered I quickly signed up.

Disclaimer: I AM NOT CREATIVE or an artist of any kind. I let the little boy take the lead for each week's project. Here’s what he created:

A family crest: The idea was to find pictures that reflected our interest as a family. If you look closely you'll see dinosaur teeth, a president, a hotel, a baby, some bugs and some sort of equipment (this last one was for the hubby).

Canvas art: OK, I came up with the words to the poem (you probably can’t read them, but that’s alright) after he told me he wanted it to say something about dinosaurs AND sharks. He did the painting.
Clay ornaments: He got to mash and stamp the clay while I smoothed out the edges for the glaze. It was a lot like playing with Play-Doh for him and all the other kids.

Bubble art: This was awesome! Ms. Heather put dish washing liquid in a cup and then added food coloring. We used straws to blow bubbles and then put the paper on top of the bubbles. When we finished, this ended up being a book that unfolds in the form of an accordion.

He also made a sweet card for our babysitter out of the bubble art. She was with little priss in another room each week so that the little boy and I could take the class!

We hate the class ended this week. I'm trying to talk Ms. Heather into doing a parent/child clay class in the spring. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

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