The Family

The Family

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Cindy Lauper said it best.

Girls, even toddlers, just want to have fun.

I love watching this girl of mine, even when she’s mad. Her moods scream “GIRL, GIRL, GIRL.”

When upset, which is several times a day, she’ll run a few feet ahead, sit down on the floor and fling herself back. Sometimes she rolls and screams. Sometimes the rest of us laugh. Sometimes I roll my eyes - something else that screams GIRL.

She loves to dance. We break it down in the house to the Fresh Beat Band and in the car to Katy Perry.

If I try to grab her hand to hold it, she wants nothing to do with me. If I walk slightly ahead of her and reach my hand back, then she comes running. Each time that little hand wraps into mine, I feel so honored and privileged that I, a frustrated mess most of the time, get to call her daughter.

A few days ago she discovered my great grandmother’s jewelry cabinet. It contains necklaces and bracelets that belonged to her. I don't wear them, but because they were hers, I’ve never had the heart to get rid of them.

So glad I have them now! 

Let's play the game of how many necklaces can I wear?!?!
Dress-up, makeup, fits and all, it's so much fun being a girl. It's even more fun being the mother of one!

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