The Family

The Family

Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Weekend at the Pool

Some of my fondest summer memories from childhood are tied to time at the pool.

To make sure my own children begin building summertime pool memories, we spent the weekend at Matt's mom and stepdad's house hanging out at their pool.

Weekend pool time is a great chance for quality time with Dad!

Matt spent a lot of time teaching one to become more comfortable with the water while throwing the other as high as she could go!
Pool time, especially when it's a home pool, isn't just about swimming. Jack got a chance to understand more of what it takes to care for a pool when his Nanny showed him how to check the chemicals. Even though it's a saltwater pool, there still has to be the right balance.

And when your grandparents live on a golf course, sometimes an evening ride in the golf cart is a perfect end to a near-perfect day.

 Then add in plenty of squirrels, birds and bunnies along the trail to make it even better.

 Nothing says summer like quality time at the pool!

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