The Family

The Family

Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Note on Where We Stayed

There's a first time for everything.

Last weekend was my first time visiting the upper west side in New York. One would think I would have made it to that side of town before now, but New York is so big it's hard to hit all the spots, even after multiple trips.

We stayed at The Lucerne Hotel on W. 79th and Amsterdam, and it's likely to be the place we stay when we go back.

I'm not sure I would recommend it to those going to New York for the first time, but because Matt and I have seen most of the tourist attractions, we knew we didn't want to stay in Times Square or mid-town.

The hotel was the perfect location for us because we wanted to be able to walk to places nearby without having to rely on transportation. It was blocks away from the history museum and Central Park, and there were countless restaurants and shops to stop in along the way.

It's definitely a kid-friendly area. Staying on the west side, where so many places are welcoming to people with children (and dogs alike for you animal lovers), made a big difference in how I felt walking into restaurants this time around.

Our hotel had a restaurant attached, and we ate lunch Saturday and breakfast Sunday there.

I was stoked when we rounded the corner of the hotel Saturday morning and I saw this place:

Sarabeth's is my FAVORITE place to eat in New York!!! I've been to the Central Park location several times, but had no idea Sarabeth's west would be so close to us. From what I can tell, there are four locations in New York. It's always crowded for breakfast, but we went for dinner Saturday night and didn't have to wait. We sat outside and enjoyed homemade guacamole. Matt and I both had steak; mine was a savory filet covered in gravy and mushrooms.

We also found this amazing sweet shop:

Jack had a huge brownie. Mattie and I shared a massive vanilla cupcake. Matt ordered the banana split.

Even if you aren't close to the west end while in New York, you should hop in a cab and check out Sugar and Plumm, especially if your children are with you. The sugar rush might be that extra boost you need after a day of walking.

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