The Family

The Family

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Challenge

I decided to take the Orange Rhino challenge after reading this blogpost on getting the upper hand on an out-of-control temper.

Lisa-Jo's post made me cry.

I can remember a time when Jack was a baby and thinking I would never be able to raise my voice to this precious soul. I wondered what kind of parent could yell at their child.

Now here I am in a place where I don't like who I've become as a mother. For the past six months all I feel like I've been doing is yelling.

So before it gets to the point where my children's memories are of a constantly frazzled and mad mom, I've decided to put the breaks on the yelling.

I've been extra conscious about it the past few days. I've taken some of the rhino's tips about figuring out my pressure points as well as trying to rate my decibel level - as well as my tone.

I'm officially beginning my 365 days of no yelling at my children (I'm going to add my husband into the mix for the heck of it as well) with this post. I'm sure I'll have to start over. I'm even more sure I'll have to start over multiple times.

I just want to tame this beast while there is still time.

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