The Family

The Family

Sunday, June 16, 2013


Last week we became postcrossers.

Not sure what that means?

It's a term used to describe those that participate in the activity of postcrossing, a database of people from all over the world who send postcards to each other.

As soon as we officially became postcrossers, we headed to our local art museum to pick out some cards.

Postcrossers are allowed to send five cards at a time. Instead of sending them all in one day, I spread it out throughout the week so that Jack would have something to look forward to each morning.

People in Taiwan, Belarus, Russia, Germany and the Netherlands should hopefully be receiving their cards soon. That all depends on if I got the postage right????

Once our cards are received and recorded by the recipients in the database, we will be eligible to start receiving postcards of our own.

For those interested in the idea, you should check out the postcrossing website.

It's a fun way to learn about geography and to see countries through the eyes of their inhabitants.

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