The Family

The Family

Sunday, December 2, 2012

For When I Need Reassurance

Sometimes I need reassurance that I'm doing OK at this mom thing.

Blogs, articles, websites and friends giving affirmation are great. Those I most need it from are my husband and children.

I don't need words of praise. I just want honesty when it comes to questions that can have many answers depending on the mood. It had been a while since I posed the question to Jack, but several times this past week I felt like I hadn't been doing enough, observing enough, laughing enough and wanted to know:

"Am I a good mommy?" and "What can I do to be better?"

I love his sweet answers.
However, those questions can backfire.

Like when he gets in trouble and lets me know in no uncertain terms that he doesn't think I'm a very good mom.

While that's to be expected, his answers can be uncomfortably on the mark.

Sometimes he gets it right when he says "yeah, but you yell too much," or "maybe you shouldn't get so mad at daddy." He also told me yesterday that sometimes I ignore him. Talk about feeling lousy.

The busier things get, the more I know I'm veering off track. This week will bring with it more than usual in the busyness department because it is the end of an academic semester. I'll be proctoring a lot of finals, turning in grades and wrapping up all the things I didn't manage to finish before this point.

In an effort to not spend anymore time away from my children than I have to this week, I don't know how much I'll be blogging. Something has to give, and it doesn't need to be them!

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