The Family

The Family

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Summer Saturdays

We've spent the past five Saturday mornings doing the same thing.

First, we head to the art museum for the summer art program.

Today's task: mosaics

The little boy picked out pieces of glass and tile

He placed them on contact paper

Almost complete

Then the pans were taken outside
Cement was poured into the pans and left to dry in the form of a stepping stone

As always, baby girl was just along for the ride. 

After the art museum, off we go to the library.

A change of clothes were in order for Little Miss before we could make it into the library:)

After picking out our books for the week, getting a prize from the treasure chest for completing five books the previous week and pretend typing on the library computer (it's better than him banging on mine), we usually make our way downtown for lunch.

When you don't have a pool, a good portion of summer Saturdays are spent indoors.

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