The Family

The Family

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mommy vs. Children

My Idea of Reading: Cuddling together on the couch or bed 
His Idea of Reading: Jumping, squirming and making noise to muffle mommy’s voice
Her Idea of Reading: Grabbing each page in an attempt to rip it to pieces

My Idea of Cleaning Up: Putting everything in its place
His Idea of Cleaning Up: Picking a toy off the floor in one room only to place it on the floor in another room
Her Idea of Cleaning Up: Pulling down what mommy just put up while mommy is picking up something else

My Idea of Nap Time: A baby that sleeps for one to two hours so that I can spend time with the other child and then try to get some things done around the house
His Idea of Nap Time: Nap? Who needs a nap?
Her Idea of Nap Time: Maybe 30 minutes is all I need. Maybe 3 hours will be good this time. What's the use in predictable?

My Idea of Bedtime: Talking softly to one another in an attempt to settle down
His Idea of Bedtime: Delaying the inevitable as long as possible by having to go to the bathroom, get something to drink, and find just one more thing to sleep with multiple times
Her Idea of Bedtime: Just when mommy thinks I’m about asleep, start to laugh and blow spit bubbles

My Idea of Mealtime: Sitting down to a warm plate of food
His Idea of Mealtime: Mommy, can you get me some more milk? Mommy, can you get me some butter for my bread? Mommy, I spilled my drink.
Her Idea of Mealtime: Maybe I’ll let mom sit down for a minute. Nah, she needs to stand and hold me while she tries to eat one-handed

My Idea of Making the Bed: No wrinkles in the comforter and the pillows all in place
His Idea of Making the Bed: While mommy arranges the pillows, I think I’ll take this time to jump on the bed and mess up the comforter. Once I’m done with that I’ll pull off those pillows that are so perfectly placed and sling them back onto the floor
Her Idea of Making the Bed: Laughing at brother as he jumps and slings the pillows onto the floor

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  1. Hahahahaha ~ I so remember those younger kid days. My son just turned 8 & I still have those same things happen, just with an older kid twist. Very funny, thanks for the laugh! (mine is just down to sleep. but stray fireworks keep going off around here & he keeps getting up to see what he is missing...see, the older kid twist :)

    Vicki E