The Family

The Family

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Top Ten of 2013

Around the web, people are posting their top moments of 2013. With this being a travel blog, I thought I'd join the reminiscing by posting favorite travel moments from the past year.

10. Astronomy night with my little man. We didn't have to go far from home for this one. We traveled about two minutes from our house to a field where high-powered telescopes were set up to view the night sky and the moons of Jupiter.

9. Breakfast at this Washington DC cafe.

8. The tastes of Paris courtesy of Matt's mom. Not once, but twice this year did I receive an overnight package of bread from the Parisian bakery Poilane.

7. Exploring the outdoors in the northwestern corner of our state.

6. Walking the streets of New York and Mattie sticking her hand out to pet all the passing dogs. One greeted back by filling her hand with slobber. That was in June, and she still asks if we remember the doggie in New York.

5.. Hildene, the home of Robert Todd Lincoln, in Manchester, VT.

4.The magic carpets at Disney World.

3. An evening picnic in Chicago's Grant Park listening to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

2. Sitting on the window ledge with my son in our room at the Lucerne Hotel in NYC looking out into the traffic and lights of a West-side night.

1. The Iron Bowl 2013. This took place a few weeks ago here in our hometown. Though we have two season tickets, this was the first game I'd attended all year. If you haven't seen or heard the final moments as they unfolded on Auburn radio, it's well worth it. Even if you have seen or heard it - again and again - it never gets old!

Happy New Year, and Happy Travels in 2014!

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