The Family

The Family

Monday, January 13, 2014

A Different Reason to Head to the Store

We spent 30 minutes at Publix this morning and didn't purchase anything.

That's because we weren't there to shop; we went for a field trip. Though my stomach was rumbling by the time the tour was done, we made it out of the store without any impulse purchases - my wallet stayed in the car for that exact reason.

As usual I forgot my camera, so I missed getting pictures of the clerk/tour guide showing all the kids in our group how a parent gets paged when a child wanders off in the store, how the butcher's glove protects his hand from that super sharp knife and the children licking a dollop of purple icing off their fists.

We were treated to cookies and a chicken finger (what a combination) at the end of the tour, as well as coloring sheets and crayons.

One of the best things about a field trip to Publix is that the store does it for free. Another great thing was how excited all the children got just being in a grocery store. I remember taking a field trip to a local grocer's warehouse when I was in elementary school and loving it.

I guess some things hold true for kids of all generations.

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