The Family

The Family

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Rare Occurrence

Gentle snow falling in late afternoon is a beautiful sight.

Parents and children stand at the window together eagerly gazing into the first, and probably only, snow coming their way this year. As evening turns to night, the snowflakes blanketing the ground take on a mystical quality.

Many in the mid-west and northeast are probably tired of mother nature's icy punch, but when you live where snow is rare, it's a wonderful thing. That is, if you live in a city that prepared well.

Many have seen the images of the stranded motorists sleeping in their cars on the interstate in Atlanta, Ga. Others throughout our state, some of them friends, posted horrific stories on Facebook yesterday of seeing accidents, being in an accident, or walking for miles to get to their children.

We experienced none of that. Our local officials made the call on Monday afternoon to shut down all the schools, which meant many businesses felt free to do the same.

I was starting to think that icicles would be the only thing we'd have to show for this winter storm because we were the only city in the vicinity not getting snow. It was sleet for a good six hours before the snow finally began.

Ours was a typical day at home that ended in excitement as we bundled up and headed to the back yard to enjoy the falling snow.

This morning, what little had fallen was still on the ground, allowing us to enjoy a snow day as it was meant to be experienced - from home with a nice, ruddy fire blazing inside ready to warm us up as we shook off the cold.

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