The Family

The Family

Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Summer of Rain and Allergies

Back in June I had all sorts of ideas about spending time at the pool.

We don't have a pool in our backyard, nor do we have a neighborhood pool, but my in-laws built a pool last summer. I also have a friend that belongs to a local country club, and we were planning on meeting up there every couple of weeks.

I was already deeming it "the summer of the pool."

That was before July when the torrential downpours began.

I think most people residing in the southeast all agree on one thing - this is the wettest summer in memory. When I say wet, I don't just mean a lot of rain or the typical summer afternoon thunderstorm that sometimes happens days in a row. I'm referring to massive rain for days on end for nearly two months now.

There have been respites of sunshine, the past two days included. That's why this weekend we ARE planning to spend some time at the pool.

And if it wasn't raining this summer, I seemed to be having a horrible time with allergies. I don't know what has been growing or why this summer seemed so agonizing, but just being outside (when it was sunny) left me with horrible sinus issues. Now that ragweed is in the air, it's even worse.

I'm ready for fall simply in hopes that the weather pattern will change.

Thank goodness for the change in seasons, and the feeling that much is new with the start of each one.

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