The Family

The Family

Monday, August 5, 2013

Here We Go, Go, Go!

The bags are packed and ready to go.

Where to now?

The Windy City!

I'm not sure how "windy" this time of year is in Chicago, but the weather forecast makes me think it's going to be a pleasant few days.

We're hitting the roads again for this one. I've got some time off in between semesters, and Matt was racking up vacation hours at work again - hours he will lose if he doesn't use - so we're not in a hurry.

We're going to see how far we can make it tomorrow. I'd love to end up in Louisville, KY.  It's a great town. I went on a work trip twice, before the children were born. It would be nice if they could experience it as well. Louisville will be pushing it though, so who knows where we'll end up.

The plan is to make it to Chicago sometime on Wednesday. I use the word sometime mockingly because I was told by someone who recently made the drive to expect a lot of roadwork delays. And also because when we spent one night in Chicago last year on the way back from South Dakota, it took us almost three hours to  make it to our hotel once we were technically in Chicago.

I'm better prepared this time. Not only can Mattie ride for much longer periods now she's a bit older, but I'm bringing along some favorite books to read, fun activity pages to complete and new apps downloaded on the I-Pad.

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