The Family

The Family

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Birmingham Children's Theater

Yesterday was our first time seeing a play staged by the Birmingham Children's Theater. Located at the Birmimgham Jefferson Convention Center in Birmingham, AL, the play was a new twist on Cinderella.

At not quite a full hour, the running time was perfect for squirmy little ones.

The small room with the bleacher-style seats was a rather cozy space.

The fairy godmother, or the fairy godmother in training I should say, made it fun and interactive by having the children in the audience pretend to stir a magic pot throughout the performance.

And afterward, before stopping for lunch and heading home, we walked around downtown Birmingham. There aren't many comfortable July days as far as temperature goes here in Alabama, but yesterday morning proved to be pleasant, non-humid and breezy.

The theater company has what sounds like a great season planned with shows like City Mouse, Country Mouse, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (we just finished reading this book, so this one will be a must) and The Secret Garden.

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