The Family

The Family

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pine Mountain, GA

We didn’t go too far from home for this trip.

A few months ago I called my mother-in-law to tell her I was thinking about booking a cottage at Calloway Gardens. She later called back to tell me not to book anything because her wonderful neighbors, Linda and Tom, were willing to let us use their cabin a few minutes from Calloway.

We arrived on Saturday morning, and the weather was glorious - Mid-60s, with sunny skies!

This is what awaited us when we pulled up to the cabin, or lakeside cottage as the sign in the yard best describes it:

I love the light that comes through this space. It give the impression of being outdoors.

And the backyard was even more cozy than the inside.

My son loved the kid’s room!

Yes, those are Holly Hobbie bedspreads. The original Holly Hobbie!

We spent the day enjoying the beautiful outdoors, reading
and napping (well, the baby napped).

The next two days were more fun spent outside.

We went to the Wild Animal Safari on Sunday. To be honest, this was not fun for me. I’ve heard wonderful things about this place and know many people enjoy it, but it was not my thing. Take me to a zoo any day, but a dirty van with open windows where large animals with horns come right up to you - um, no.

The trauma of that experience was soon alleviated by some retail therapy. Much to my delight, Pine Mountain has wonderful antique shops. I found the perfect bench for our backyard. I’d been searching for a bench for three years, so this was definitely not an impulse purchase. I also bought a lovely corner cabinet for the baby’s room. I’d been looking since before she was born for a corner piece and knew this was the one the instant I saw it.

We spent most of Monday at Calloway Gardens. The good thing about off season is that there is no crowd. The flip side is that there is not much to do besides visiting the butterfly gardens.

All in all, we had a wonderful time at the lakeside cabin/cottage in Pine Mountain. Thanks Linda and Tom for the memories!

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  1. What a great little getaway! And I had those Holly Hobby bedspread on my bed as a kid!