The Family

The Family

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Because Some Mornings Call for More Noise

I'm one of those people that loves quiet. Thing is, with two children home with me all day, I don't get much of it.

I especially have a hard time with all the noise in the mornings. That's the time I feel like I need and want quiet the most.

But in an effort to embrace the energy and noise, some mornings I join in the hooping and hollering. Yesterday, I even encouraged it.

My children love to jump on the bed. They find it especially fun when I take the sheets off to be washed because I slip the bottom sheet off one side just enough to puff it up and make a big bubble.

Then the jumping, rolling and laughter ensue.

 And while I don't usually join in on the jumping, I can't help but joining in on the laughter.

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