The Family

The Family

Monday, March 16, 2015

Discovering the Devlins

Last year we came across a book that instantly warmed our hearts. That book, "Cranberry Thanksgiving," started my love of all things Devlin.

Wende and Harry Devlin published an entire "Cranberry" series as well as some books known as the "Blueberry Witch" collection. We now own the entire "Cranberry" series. I bought "Old Black Witch" on a whim not knowing how my two might react to it. Mattie was scared the first time I read it, but has asked me to read it countless times since.

The "Cranberry" books, part adventure and part holiday tale, have unforgettable characters in Maggie, Maggie's grandmother and their fisherman friend Mr. Whiskers. Wende is the author and Harry the illustrator, and I have to share my favorite picture from "Cranberry Thanksgiving," complete with crinkled pages from us turning them so much.

"Old Black Witch" reminds me so much of our time spent in New England. I keep imagining spots in Maine or Massachusetts we've visited as the setting. And I absolutely love reading the witch's chants in my best cackling witch voice.

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