The Family

The Family

Monday, February 29, 2016

Digging With Friends

What's more fun than digging in the dirt?

Certainly none of the kids with us a few days ago would disagree.

We spent the cool and breezy day at Spring Villa Park. The purpose: to celebrate a birthday and dig for quartz!

I should mention that when I told my husband where we had been that day his response was swift. "You do know there are major sinkholes out there don't you?"

Ok, so I did see the signs posted at the entrance that said "Danger: Sinkholes in the Area." I tried to convince myself it didn't mean sinkholes as I understood sinkholes. Maybe it meant large holes in the ground.

Nope. It meant the kind of holes that could completely swallow up an entire area. And my husband, who doesn't get worked up about much, made it abundantly clear.

So while we had a lot of fun, I think we'll find somewhere else to dig next time around.

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