The Family

The Family

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Inside Out

Mattie is a huge fan of Pixar's film "Inside Out."

So much so that she watched it once a day for 24 days straight. We've all breathed a collective sigh of relief that she has taken somewhat of a break from her daily habit. I think it's been almost a week since she last asked me to play the movie.

In the midst of the "Inside Out" watching days, she talked a lot about emotions. She spent a lot of time asking questions like:
"Mom, are you happy?"
"Mom, are you sad?"
"Mom, are you disgusted?"
"Mom, are you afraid?"
"Mom, are you mad?"


"Mom, which one is your favorite?" (Disgust and Sadness)
"Jack, which one is your favorite (First Fear then Joy)
"Dad, which one is your favorite?" (Anger)
"Mom, do you know which one is my favorite?" (Fear)

And for several weeks there was "Inside Out" inspired art. She wanted to paint each emotion, plus Bing-Bong (he's pink) and Riley (she's orange).

We did some abstract shapes, and she decided we could only use the colors associated with the emotions expressed in the movie.

I got into the spirit one day with some dot artwork using the colors of the emotions. I think I titled it something like "Drops of Emotions."

We even had the soothing background music, if you can call it music, that appears on the menu screen after the movie is over playing in the background while we painted.

It was actually quite therapeutic!

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