The Family

The Family

Sunday, July 12, 2015

July is for De-cluttering

We homeschool year round - with one slight deviation.


We take a break from our normal routine, except for reading, and I use the time to clean out and re-organize.

So far I've tackled the kids' rooms, including their closets. I almost feel like closets deserve their own status because so much piles up in them.

Last week I needed the assistance of both children to take on the upstairs. That's the lego haven, as well as a major clutter zone. I finally finished it up today. Included in that was organizing all of Jack's art work from the past year, complete with descriptions that his amazingly talented art for homeschoolers teacher provides at the end of every quarter.

Tomorrow it's on to the clean up of our school cabinets. I'm hoping to have the laundry room completed by Tuesday, because on Wednesday we head out on a road trip for Mattie's birthday adventure!

When we return I still have our bedroom closet, the medicine cabinet, all the windows and a few miscellaneous tasks on the agenda before we have hardwood floors installed downstairs the first week of August.

It feels somewhat counterproductive to think about all this organizing right before our house gets turned upside down. But I know once we start back to school, and a new semester starts at the university where I teach, any sort of mass overhaul is out of the question. That's why for me, July is for cleaning up and cleaning out.

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