The Family

The Family

Friday, July 31, 2015


"All the world's a stage."
          -William Shakespeare

The initials in the title of this post stand for the names of two theater companies here in Alabama. The first, ASF, is the Alabama Shakespeare Festival located in Montgomery. The second, BCT, stands for Birmingham Children's Theater in Birmingham. We've visited both in the past eight days.

We took my 80-year-old grandmother with us to see "The Little Mermaid" at the ASF last week. Even though I've been to ASF multiple times, I still had to rely on the GPS to get us there. And we got so turned around because it was trying to send me in the back entrance, which I didn't know existed, that the lady on the phone was yelling at me about being late when I called to tell her my dilemma. Luckily, we got there with 20 minutes to spare before curtain time.

Today we drove to Birmingham. Our sweet baby sitter from last year, who has now graduated from college and moved back home with her parents in Birmingham, met us at the BCT for a rendition of the Gingerbread Man, which BCT titled "The Gingerbread Boy." We enjoyed lettuce wraps and eating with chop sticks afterward at PF Changs, one of my favorite places to go when in Birmingham.

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