The Family

The Family

Monday, July 20, 2015

American Girl Doll - Chicago Style

Early Saturday morning we walked the seven blocks from our hotel to 835 N. Michigan Ave. We stood outside the store while I showed Matt how to use the Uber app so he and Jack could catch a ride to and from the Field Museum.Then the two of us girls headed inside for our first American Girl Doll experience.

True, there are at least two American Girl Doll locations closer to where we live. But years ago when we were in Chicago I knew it would be where we would come back for Mattie when we finally decided to take the American Girl Doll plunge.

It was a girlie girl's paradise!

Saturday was Mattie's 4th birthday, and it was well worth the time and the expense for the experience.

She checked out every corner and crevice of the two-story store.

She played here and there throughout the store.

She picked out her doll whom she promptly named "Mattie."

Then the two of us enjoyed lunch with her "Mattie" doll. We ate cinnamon rolls as a starter, had a plate of grapes, carrots, broccoli, corn dog muffins and pretzel sticks with cheese as our first course, we both picked pasta with chicken for our main entree and ended with chocolate mouse and cupcake for dessert.

We had the most fun talking all fancy and using the word fabulous over and over again. And we giggled our way through the meal, the way girls do.

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