The Family

The Family

Thursday, December 4, 2014

When Your Morning Calls for Something Different

Before I became a mother I was a morning person.

I felt most productive in the morning, and I actually didn't mind getting up early to get the day started.

Now, there's often a feeling of dread when I open my eyes.

I know that sounds terrible, but as almost any other mother will tell you, mornings aren't what they used to be.

For one, it seems no matter how much sleep I get I'm still tired. Then there's the running through in your mind of all the things that must happen that day. And you know from the moment you arise you're day will likely not go as planned.

There's also the morning rush - and my children don't even go to school.

There's really no time to think in the morning. It's get up, get everyone to the bathroom, make breakfast, stop some arguing that's already begun, barely speak to a husband as he rushes out the door, make the bed, start a load of clothes, etc., etc., etc.

So this morning when Mattie had the bright idea of going to Panera Bread, I was all about change!

Actually, she demanded that we go to Panera for breakfast. My initial thought was there was no way I should give in to such a demand. The next immediate thought was oh yes, we are going to Panera for breakfast.

After a talk, for the umpteenth time, about asking politely and not demanding things, we quickly dressed and made our way to a quiet table in the back of the restaurant.

One pumpkin muffin, one chocolate chip muffie, two souffles, two juices and one coffee later, we had our morning reading at that back table.

Oh, what a glorious morning it was.

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