The Family

The Family

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Reading Into the New Year

This year I'm starting off with some words of inspiration. I've already begun two of these books.

Each day I read about one of the heroines of the faith in "50 Women Every Christian Should Know." I guess I'm using it as a devotional of sorts.

I've also begun "Paris to the Pyrenees." It's the story of the author's hike with his wife on the trail of Saint James. He calls himself a skeptic. I'm not far enough in to give a critique or opinion, but I'm interested to see if he ends a skeptic.

"Kisses from Katie" is one I've heard lots about, and I've pre-ordered Sally Clarkson's newest book. Sally is the best source of wisdom I know. Reading her point of view constantly refreshes and renews my tired and weary spirit.

And with the children, Santa brought one of our favorites in "Cranberry Thanksgiving." I found out from the book jacket there are several of the cranberry books: "Cranberry Christmas," "Cranberry Valentine" and "Cranberry Halloween." There's also one by the authors about a blueberry pancake witch. It doesn't appear our local library has any of these, so it looks like I'll be purchasing them. No complaints here though. Money is always well spent when it comes to a good book.

We're also still working our way through Harry Potter. We're on "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince," the sixth in the seven book series.

Happy reading into the New Year to you and yours!

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