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The Family

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Grove Park Inn

The Grove Park Inn is one of my favorite hotels.


There's a Waterfall at the Hotel!!!!

Calling it just a hotel doesn't seem to do it justice. It definitely has a cabin-in-the-woods/lodge type feel. Considering that there are thousands of other guests milling around, that description doesn't quite fit either.

A View of the Main, Original Building from the Back

The best I could do for a front shot was out the car window - too much congestion
The day we checked out, a man who entered the elevator with his family informed us that someone at the front desk had mentioned 900 people were checking out that day.


The best thing about The Grove Park Inn, in my opinion, is that once you arrive you don't have to leave the premises.

The kids pretend drove the sleigh half a dozen times

The spa, which I regret to say I didn't visit on either occassion

In the background is one of the two "newer" structures that house many additional rooms

Christmas Trees are everywhere, and each has its own theme

The massive lobby - sorry about the blur

You could, of course, go elsewhere.

The Grove Park Inn is located in Asheville, NC, and there is plenty to see and do, including a tour of the fabulous Biltmore. Matt and I went that route on our visit 10 years ago.

This time, we stayed entirely at the hotel. There are several restaurants, shops, bars and a golf course on the premises. My in-laws made reservations for us for the Saturday night prime-rib buffet. I filled three plates full of food. Then I went back for a plate of dessert! Yes, I mean an entire plate full!

We went to the same restaurant for breakfast the next morning because our package included a free breakfast buffet for each person.

Oh, and did I mention the two massive hearths flanking the grand lobby. One is a real, wood-burning fire. The other is gas. The rocking chairs by the "real" fire are hard to come by.

The downside is that the hotel is on the expensive side. Hence us staying for only one night this time.

I'd love to say this is going to be an annual trip. I remember thinking that after we left The Grove Park Inn years ago. And then it took us another nine to return.

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