The Family

The Family

Monday, November 24, 2014

Mt. Cheaha

It's the highest peak in Alabama, and only about 25 minutes from the front door my parents call home.

I was hoping that the leaves might still be in their full color bounty, but to my disappointment most had fallen. The remaining brown ones looked as if they would be coming down within a few days.

I'm not sure why I haven't taken the kids there more. I'm also not sure why we didn't go more when I was a child. I remember spending a night in the lodge there with my Brownie troop once.

My cousin got married there a few years ago. It was mid-July, and the weather at the top of the mountain made it feel like an October evening.

The main reason I wanted to go this past weekend was because I recently saw a Facebook post about the restaurant. Several people commented on the breakfast, but after my experience there, I can't tell you why. To be brutally honest, it was likely the worst breakfast of my life. Later that day a childhood friend confirmed how disappointed she was after she and her husband went to dinner there for their anniversary last year, and she refused to touch her dinner once it was placed on the table.

It wasn't a total bust though.

The view from the restaurant window was spectacular!

And Mattie had fun playing, or should I say pretending to play, checkers with her Pop.

We also took a brief trail walk. The trail itself spans 130 miles. I imagine you'd end up in Georgia if you walked the entire way.

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