The Family

The Family

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Getting Through a Meal in a Restaurant

Some days I don't want to cook. Nor do I wish to tackle the hassle of going to a restaurant. The latter, even though I love going out to eat, is because I have young children.

One of my favorite things about travel is finding great places to eat. So I hate it when a good meal at a restaurant becomes a source of tension and stress.

We seem to be in that phase where someone starts yelling, almost breaks something, aggravates someone else or just can't sit still long enough for my husband and me to enjoy our food.

I'm also not good about remembering to bring activities along to pass the time. Sometimes I have stickers in my purse. Sometimes I remember to bring crayons. But inevitably, these things lead to quick boredom.

Sometimes I hand over the cell phone to one child, but then the other one wants it. And when it's time to share someone pouts (Jack) or cries (Mattie).

I may have discovered a solution!

While eating breakfast at a small bistro last weekend in North Carolina, we came across something that has given me hope in this area.

A bowl full of marbles and small stones that were part of the center piece on each table provided endless entertainment for my two. There were plenty of stones for each, so there was no arguing about who had more.

Hobby Lobby is calling my name. I plan to buy enough to fill a ziploc bag full for each child and pull them out only when we are in a restaurant.

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