The Family

The Family

Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Change of Scenery

Some days I want a change. Nothing major. Nothing with lasting implications. Just a simple change of scenery to rejuvinate the mind, body and spirit.

A day or two away from home is all I sought in order to get a break from always having something to do. Another load of laundry to wash then fold. Another dishwasher run. Another dishwasher full of clean dishes to unload. A bathroom to clean. A floor to sweep.

It also meant there was more time to listen to my 6-year-old that is growing up too quickly right before this momma's eyes. Time to be attentive when he talked about his interests and his two new loose teeth. It meant not putting him off or giving him a time limit so I could rush to the next task, but earnestly listening.

There was also a hike through the North Carolina woods where remnants of Old Man Winter still linger.

 And running in circles and chasing each other because it brought joy.

And maybe even some sharing and unwinding with a husband because those days and times to do so come few and far between.

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