The Family

The Family

Friday, February 20, 2015


Did you know trucks were considered fine art?

A collage of truck paintings

It appears the artist John Himmelfarb has always known this.

Today we visited his exhibit at our local art museum. We've been to a lot of museums all over and have seen some great exhibits, and this one ranks with the best of them.

Himmelfarb's works are exhibited in large museums in cities like Chicago, London and New York, which makes our small-town museum pale in comparison. He works in so many mediums: watercolor, acrylic, clay, bronze, wood and the list goes on and on.

The artist, a native of the midwest, completed this painting during several Saturday sessions at the museum. The finishing signature date is less than a month old. Watching him work would have been remarkable to see, and I hate we missed out on it.

And we took in a few of the other works of art in the other gallery while there.

The Whale

The Goddess

Notice anything particularly different about this last piece? It's a sculpture made completely out of shoes!!!

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