The Family

The Family

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunday Funday

What is it about Sunday afternoon that perpetually invites adventure and leisure?

Looking back, I think the nostalgia related to the longevity that only a Sunday afternoon seems to offer is where many of my childhood memories come from. 

And hoping to make more memories for my own children to add to their store, this Sunday, a 60 degree day in January no less, brought back that sentimental feeling of old.

We've had the same Sunday afternoon for three weeks straight: bike riding and basketball playing.  Seeing as our driveway veers straight down, it's not the best place for either. So our adventure takes place in a local school parking lot.

Add to that some shadow capturing.

And some acorn finding to coincide with someone's current Chip and Dale fetish.

And that about rounds out our Sunday Funday adventures!

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