The Family

The Family

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Discovering New Trails

I love finding new paths to travel. Especially when those paths are less than a quarter mile from my home.

So with plentiful sunshine on a cold winter's day, yesterday found us on a short hike.

A biker passing through stopped to fill us in on the 3-mile trail as we began the walk. He was nice enough to offer to take a family picture because, as he said, "this is what memories are made of."

We didn't attempt to walk the entire trail. I doubt we made it a mile before turning back, but unlike the trails we often take at the local ecology preserve, we were able to bring our dog on this one.

We found mushrooms:

We found awe-inspiring trees:

We found remains that got phrases like "holy moly" from Jack:

And because winter is my favorite time to be in the woods, I don't think it will take us long to make it back to this trail to see what else it holds.

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