The Family

The Family

Monday, September 8, 2014

On the Day He Turned 7

We were seven years and hundreds of miles away from the place he took his first breath.

Seven years of hugs, tears, laughter, sickness, learning - a whole lot of learning for this momma - and we find ourselves still smitten with him. By him. For him.

He's our first born. Our first real taste of what that preacher on Sunday morning often refers to as agape love. Love that is all encompassing. Love that knows no boundary. Love that knows no end.

He is our Lego lover. Our shy talker. Our whole life wrapped up in he and his sister.

He is my travel buddy. My artist. My joy.

And when he turned seven and wanted to spend it in New York, the city I love most on earth, how could I turn him down? How could I say no to a request that meant we got to spend his birthday, his day, amidst toys and food and fun?

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