The Family

The Family

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Someone Else's Travels

As much as I wish we could take a trip about once a month, finances and responsibilities just won't allow that sort of lifestyle.

But it's always nice to hear about a great trip, even if I'm not part of it.

My in-laws recently returned from Alaska, and my mother-in-law was telling the children and me all about it yesterday.

The best thing about grandparents taking trips is they bring back goodies!

Mattie spent at least two hours playing with these Russian dolls last night. My mother-in-law knew just what to get. She actually has a set similar to this in her house that her mother bought on a mission trip to Russia years ago. Both of my kids love playing with them, and because Alaskan history is deeply connected to Russia and Russian culture, she knew not to pass up on these authentic dolls.

Jack had this totem pole to capture his attention, and we've decided to devote time this week to researching Alaskan totem poles.

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