The Family

The Family

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Biographies for Kids

I've always been a fan of a good biography. The genre is ripe with interesting stories and personalities.

But when it comes to biographies for kids they can often feel so textbook like that they leave a lot to be desired.

I can't remember where I came across the recommendation for these, but after looking up this series I decided it was worth a try.

I bought the entire set on impulse, and as often happens with those types of purchases was a bit regretful. What if we don't like them? What if the kids think they are boring?

As we began to read them, and Jack actually paid attention and had questions, I realized buying the set worked out well. Once we finish one he quickly wants to move onto the next. I've even seen him try to draw some of the content from the books.

While biographies aren't things we spend a lot of our reading time on, ones like these that discuss character and true Christian values are a rare find!

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