The Family

The Family

Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Day We Got a Puppy

Yesterday was a big day for us.

We welcomed the newest member of our family.

We picked him up from Peach Tree Breeders in Headland, Ala.

On the car ride home

His name is Sirius, and I expect any Harry Potter fan to have caught on to the name right away! He's an Australian Shepherd, and we couldn't be more smitten.

The adjectives the breeder used about his temperment were sweet and mellow, and her words describing this precious fur ball seem accurate. This is the first puppy I've ever owned, and I have been pleasantly surprised at how mild-mannered he has been the past 24 hours. He is definitely playful at times, but for the most part he's content to sit in someone's arms or rest at our feet.

And as I told Matt on the way to pick him up, I have a feeling that Sirius and Jack are going to be the best of pals!

Relaxing at home

Hamming it up for the camera

Mattie pretending to lick like Sirius

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