The Family

The Family

Friday, June 6, 2014

Our Kind of Friday

Today, Friday, was a good day.  Our kind of day.

On this day we:

Had some early morning tug-of-war with the new puppy

Spent the day reading these insightful books by John J. Muth, whose art I am enamored with (I was actually hoping for the book that Cupcakes and Commentary posted about earlier in the week, but our library doesn't carry it)

And some Amelia Bedelia classics, which I read as a kid and was surprised by having no recollection of what an air-headed twit Amelia Bedelia really is - sorry, but there was no nice way to put that

Eating yellow tomatoes, because they were all sold out of red at the farmer's market yesterday, on a bacon and tomato sandwich that just screams summer

 Preparing supper with a summer storm brewing on the horizon

Painting balloons and popsicles

And it wouldn't be a normal day in our house without at least one picture of a shark

And we laughed and cried, and we played and hugged, and we yelled and prayed, and we said a few I love yous and a few leave me alones. All the things that made today.

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