The Family

The Family

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Fun for the Kids

Boston and surrounding areas have so much to offer, there's no way to do it all. Here are three places our children loved.

Boston Museum of Science: This is a must for anyone with children, young or older. It was amazing! There were exhibits on animals, plant life, the human body, maps, dinosaurs, planets, etc. While there is a children's museum, we opted for this instead, and it would go on my list to visit again if in Boston.

The New England Aquarium: A friend that once lived in Boston had warned me away from the aquarium before we went, but because Jack begged to go, I figured why not. It is on the smaller end of aquariums we have visited, which some might argue that the price doesn't justify. However, it had a lot of cool tanks and most of the sea life was feeding when we were there. Mattie still remembers the giant sea turtle eating lettuce. She reminded me of it last night when I was eating my salad!

Cape Cod Museum of Natural History: Matt took Jack to this one when we were in Hyannis. Mattie was so sick that she and I couldn't go. Both boys came back stoked about how much they saw in the museum.

In addition to these three places, we took about an hour to walk around the Harvard campus. It's too bad our parking meter expired because there was a cool looking museum of natural history there as well.

Had Mattie not come down with the flu we would have likely taken the time to do the duck tours while in Boston as well as gone to the JFK Museum in Hyannis and driven to Provincetown. We also missed out on Fenway Park. At least the kids and I did. While Mattie was better by then, she was still unusually tired. And it just so happened that Jack woke up at 5 am the morning of the game, which was to take place later at night.  Matt had to make that adventure on his own:-(

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