The Family

The Family

Monday, February 17, 2014


If you are looking for good books that are interesting for your young reader as well as help you, the parent, grasp the techniques behind teaching phonics, I have to plug the following Usborne books:

"Fat Cat on a mat" 

"Big Pig on a dig" 




 "Sam Sheep Can't Sleep"

Whether your child is quick to pick up on the skills behind mastering letters and sounds or he/she needs a lot of practice with familiar words and stories to get interested in a book, these are excellent resources to have.

One of the most valuable teaching tools for parents is the final page that explains phonics sounds and how to say them properly, which makes the often overwhelming task of forming a young mind for reading a bit less intimidating.

I think the Easter Bunny might bring these editions in some Easter baskets this year:

"Frog on a log,"


"Fox on a box,"


"Shark in the park"


"Ted in a red bed"

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