The Family

The Family

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Getting in the Spirit

It doesn't feel like Christmas to me. Not the I'm no longer a child so it hasn't felt like Christmas for years kind of thing. I mean the comple lackluster feeling I have in relation to it being 10 days away from my favorite holiday.

I change the channel when a Christmas song comes on while driving. Years past always found me scanning for nothing but Christmas music.

We have our tree decorated with lights and ornaments, and the train that moves around it was put together yesterday. Still nothing.

Jack watching "Home Alone" countless times hasn't even done it.

Santa has most of the children's gifts, and I spent a good bit of time online yesterday doing my other Christmas shopping. That, along with finally addressing this year's Christmas cards, helped somewhat.

I'm hoping that the songs this morning in church - can I get some "O' Holy Night" please - and the pulling out of Christmas books to read this week with the children will get the Scrooge right out of me.

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