The Family

The Family

Saturday, October 5, 2013


If you're ever in DC and crave "real" Italian food, head to Georgetown. That's where you'll find Filomina Ristorante.

A few days before we left for DC I saw the restaurant featured on The Travel Channel as one of the country's best pasta places. Almost all the pasta is handmade by the "pasta mamas," and whenever Filomina is open, you'll find one of them sitting in the front entry working her magic.

This Georgetown landmark's decor reminded me of Tavern on the Green in New York - a bit tacky and gaudy. Unlike Tavern on the Green, whose crab cakes tasted like mircowave fish sticks when I ate there, the cooks at Filomina know how to do right by food.

The waiter was exceptionally friendly and knew instantly we had never been there before (I'm guessing the accents gave it away).  He put in a special pasta order for Jack and Mattie and made sure we got the biggest piece of strawberry cheese cake they had!

The staff had already decorated the place for Halloween and there were skeletons, witches, spiders and monsters galore all throughout the restaurant.

It was fantastic!

I was surprised that Mattie wasn't screaming or crying because some of the stuff was scary. There were several crazy looking clowns that had me diverting my glance.

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