The Family

The Family

Friday, December 16, 2016

Kids Say the Darndest Things

You know all those hilarious comments your kids make and you think, hey, I should write that down, but you never do. I tried it one morning a few weeks ago and captured some real gems.

Sidenote: Sirius is the name of one of our dogs.

Mattie (age 5)
-Oh my goodness, did you give me six pancakes?
-I want to have a pj day.
-Sirius, I am serious. I am serious. Those are pretend flowers Sirius.
-I'm gonna have to wear glasses for that.
-Please tell me we're done with school. Geez!
-Mommy, Jack said that I'm a nice sister.

Jack (age 9)
-Mattie's a sleeper. I don't like to be a sleeper. I like to wake up early, like Pop.
-Is milk good for you? Dr. Liles said it's good to drink milk. You gotta drink it in cereal and then it would taste better.
-Poor Sirius, you smell bad. Do you know that, Sirius?
-I'll smell your feet if you smell my feet. Phew, you smell awful. You smell worse than Sirius.
-I don't know if you can answer this question, but what's the last thing we're going to do for school today?

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