The Family

The Family

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Fossil Dig

I cannot tell you how many conversations start with: "Hey Jack, let me tell you something!" only to be followed by a reply like "Is it about dinosaurs?".

My answer is always no.

Until that one day about a month again when I said, "Hey Jack, let me tell you something!"

"Is it about dinosaurs?"


Well, come to find out, we didn't come across any dinosaur bones, but it was certainly in the realm of possibility.

On Saturday we went on a fossil dig outside of Birmingham, Ala., with a group called Fresh Air Family. While everyone in our group came away with fossils, they were more of the plant kind rather than animal kind.

That's not to say that animal fossils haven't been recovered at this site. It's just none of us found any that day.

No matter. My husband and kids were in paradise chipping away at the large stones and boulders.

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