The Family

The Family

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Wind Creek

Camping isn't exactly my thing, but I certainly don't mind hanging out at a campground for the day, which we did this past Saturday when we visited my husband's father and stepmom at their campsite at Wind Creek, on Lake Martin, in Alex City, Ala.

They have a camper and sometimes head to nearby parks for extended stays. Jack and Matt spent the night there with Matt's dad and had, by all accounts, a great boy's night. They rode on the jet ski and were in the process of roasting marshmallows when their hopes were dampered by the sudden deluge of a typical Alabama thunderstorm.

The camper was near the site of a man-made beach. Being Saturday, the place was packed with eager swimmers. I didn't think my children were ever going to get out of the lake. We were so shriveled and pruned after two straight hours in the water.

Both of them had a blast!

After cooking out and visiting, Mattie and I made the hour-long drive home to a mighty quiet house and a thunderstorm of our own.

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