The Family

The Family

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Not Much on the Horizon

I haven't posted much lately because there's not much to tell.

We've been living life here doing the daily things that move us along: work, school, chores and extra curricular activities.

We've also been trying to carve out plenty of time for talks, walks and outdoor adventures.

And because in the span of a year we visited Disney World, North Carolina, Cape Code, New York and DC, we've decided to give our wallet and bank account some much needed time to recuperate.

I was looking at the possibility of Chicago in November for a work conference where the family would tag along, but I decided just yesterday that it would be a better idea to wait until next year's conference in Las Vegas!!!!

We might also be taking a small trip come Thanksgiving, but that one is still up in the air.

Once I finish reading Elena Ferrante's third of her Neapolitan novels (I'm still on the first), I'll be posting about that.

But for now it's likely to be a lot of CSA Wednesday posts interspersed with random thoughts.

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